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Note: there is no need to enter any credentials.

HTTP Auth Interceptor Module Demo

for AngularJS

What is the purpose of this demo?

This demo application is to show you the implementation of the concept described in Authentication in AngularJS (or similar) based application.

This application does not talk to real server, it uses ngMockE2E module instead.

The HTTP Auth Interceptor module source code is available here:

The source code of this demo is available in the same project as a GitHub Pages branch here:


Enter some data and submit to send and access public data.

Enter public data:

Server says: {{p}}

Enter some data and submit to send and access protected data.

Enter restricted data:

Server says: {{r}}

Press the button to log out.

The button will tell the server to forget about your session and also it will remove sensitive data from page.

In real application it could do something else like:


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